Our Services


Paperboy Publishers uses long-established relationships with leading printers and distribution resources, meaning we ensure our authors the highest quality production standards the industry has to offer. We have a comprehensive knowledge of digital and litho printing techniques, and know, for instance, which digital printing equipment produces the highest quality results when under the control of qualified digital print technicians. We speak the print production industry’s language, thus ensuring clients of the most professional results.


It’s your manuscript; we preserve and enhance the substance, style and structure of your words to ensure that your unique tone shines through in the finished product. Our editing experts possess a wealth of line and content editing experience to ensure that your finished copy is the cleanest version of your story.


Each publication is unique and requires its own approach. Whether your book is about the emergence of bitcoin, the decline of financial dynasties, private banking or 19th century corporate finance, each topic – and each author – requires its own marketing strategy. The world can’t read your book if they don’t know about it. Paperboy takes an omnichannel approach to ensuring the global distribution and publicity of your book and we’re very, very effective at it.

Speaking Engagements

Nothing says “expert” like writing the book on the subject. For authors who seek to enhance and increase their professional profile, Paperboy works to event organisers globally to identify suitable conferences, corporate events, association gatherings and more where you and your book can be presented center-stage.


We specialize in working with the world’s leading banking & finance experts to publish their stories. An independent publishing and marketing boutique Paperboy Publishing works with leading financial experts the world over to to bring their message to the market. Whether a memoir, a whistleblower revealing a Wall Street cover up, how-to books, or the history of capitalism, we have a passion for assisting such professionals at every level in making their book a reality. Our service is a discreet one. Often, individuals operating in senior roles finance or banking do not wish to be seen by colleagues and peers as striving to become an author. We work with these individuals from beginning to end, ensuring the most compelling manuscript and overall book design/layout and then work day and night to ensure that the author’s efforts are rewarded in the manner which motivated them to sit down and put pen to paper in the first place. For some, it is about leaving a legacy. For others, it’s about increasing credibility and profile; about generating increased business and progressing one’s career. Whatever the reason, we’ve got their back and we make it happen. Paperboy guides each client through the steps of publishing their book and then develops, implements and executes a bespoke strategy to get that book into the hands of readers that the book was intended for.


Paperboy is not for every aspiring author. The majority of our clients come to us via our own network of global finance relationships and at the risk of sounding arrogant, we do not offer to work with the majority of parties we engage with. Most are recommended to us via our trust-based relationships, however, we also invite selected individuals to explore what working with us can mean as it relates to achieving their individual goals. In any event, we work only with highly accomplished individuals in their respective field who have an interesting story to tell and who we’re confident that we can promote to the online and retailers worldwide, as well as to the media outlets, conference organizers and educational establishments that would have an interest. We do not attend author conferences and seldom promote our own successes, as most of the clients we work with prefer that we maintain a low-profile and off the radar, which suits us just fine.


We receive regular requests for recommendations of authors for press/tv/online interviews and/or conference/workshop speaking engagements. If you’d like to contact us in relation to any such needs that you may have, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact section below. We’re happy to recommend any of our authors – or other relationships we may have – to assist you.

We welcome you to contact us with any related enquiries.